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National Library of Ireland

For those wanting to carry out family history research


Some useful links to sister and partner organisations

Irish Club Hotel

Located just two blocks from the heart of Toowoomba’s CBD, The Irish Club Hotel is central to all the great shopping and activities Toowoomba has to offer. It has been a friendly meeting place for many over the years. In an age when many hotels have sold out to major retail chains, The Irish Club Hotel still remains as a family operated business with genuine hospitality and hands on attention to detail. We continue to focus on the importance of honest value for money in a friendly, neighbourly atmosphere where you will always feel welcome.

This is where the Darling Downs Irish Club tends to hold many of its functions, however, we are just guests of the publican so play nicely!


Queensland Irish Association

The Queensland Irish Association is the longest continuously operating National Association in Queensland.

The facilities in Brisbane are absolutely fantastic.


Mt Isa Irish Club

Who'd have thought that in the middle of Australia you would find a place to relax and call home?

Over the decades since the Irish club has become an integral part of the Mount Isa scene and indeed has developed in to one of its icons. It was never a club just for the Irish. It was for the Irish and their friends. It has always been one of the most cosmopolitan clubs in Australia with its membership including representatives of every nationality that has called Mount Isa home over the past half a century. The Irish club reflects what the city of Mount Isa is, a great place to be.


Irish Australian Support Association of Queensland

The principal aims of the Irish Australian Support Association of Queensland Incorporated are to support individuals in a non judgemental manner in the Irish Australian community of Queensland in the following circumstances:

Support association for Irish Australians in need

Social services to the elderly

Support to bereaved families

Support to people in hospital / nursing homes

Support to people in mental institutions

Support to people in prisons / detention

Support to people in accidents or trauma

Social advice to Irish immigrants

Offer advice and assistance in housing and accommodation


Irish Echo

Australia's Irish Newspaper


Taste Ireland

A place to buy Irish products.


National Archives of Ireland


Learning Irish language